Waiver of Joining Fee for Returning Members

In the interests of growing our membership, the Committee has agreed that new members who have previously been members of the Club, re-joining between now and 30th September 2023 will not be required to pay a joining fee.

Coarse Croquet

The Coarse Croquet was held again at Steve Black's house on 14th August. New Rules were introduced this year, ostensibly to try to speed up play, but with limited success. Thanks to John Cable for arranging the day, interpreting the rules, picking the teams, and...er...winning along with Nick Green! Much fun was had by all attendees.

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Dining Out Night / Mandy’s 25th

Much enjoyment was had at the Dining Out Night. Below is a picture of John Burley presenting a long service gift to Mandy Cowley for 25 years service with the Club.

Everyone had a good time, and Gunter and his staff did us proud with the quality of the food!


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Revised membership fees

Membership fees for 2023 are:
Joining fee: £280
Annual subscription:
for residents £410 per year
for non-residents £170 per year

New resident members under 30 years old will pay a reduced annual fee of £200 and will not be required to pay a joining fee.

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